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Thank You!

Thank you for downloading Sencha Touch 2.3.1a.

Your file should begin downloading immediately.
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First, unzip the archive to your local web server and navigate to http://localhost/your-touch-install/ to view the documentation and complete working examples. Any samples that use Ajax will need to be on an web server in order to work correctly.

Get Started

Check out the Sencha Touch Getting Started Guide to learn the fundamentals. Next, go through the First Application guide to create a Sencha Touch application in around 15 min.

Take a Spin

Wondered what’s possible with Sencha Touch? This SDK includes a whole suite of examples. View with a desktop WebKit browser such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or with a mobile emulator such as those in the Android or Xcode SDKs.

Even better, visit the Sencha Touch examples online with your own mobile device.

Become a Guru (Or Find One!)

It’s worth knowing your way around the definitive Sencha Touch API documentation. Be sure to check out the documented source code for our examples and demos.

Our forums are filled with talented and friendly professionals, and lively meetups are held around the world. Finally, make sure you check out SenchaDevs, the definitive list of Sencha developers, to promote your skills or find partners.

Register for free on the Sencha Forum and you join our growing community of over 240,000. The forum is a great place to ask questions, help others, and showcase your apps.

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