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Sencha Touch

HTML5 Mobile Framework

With over 50 built-in components, themes for every popular mobile platform, and a built-in MVC system, Sencha Touch provides everything you need to create powerful, universal mobile web apps.

Resources to Get Started

We made developing Sencha Touch apps easier than ever.. Getting started with Sencha Touch is easier than ever. After downloading the framework, you’ll have instant access to a wide-variety of learning resources including tutorials, screencasts, and excellent documentation.

Get started today by downloading Touch and running the docs and examples locally, or visit our Sencha Documentation app.

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Sencha Touch 2 Docs

The Sencha Touch 2 Docs are included with your download. Use them to get started building with Touch.

Getting Started Guides

Recent Screencasts

  • Intro to Layouts in Sencha Touch 2 Screencast: Intro to Layouts in Sencha Touch 2  Added March 15th

    In Sencha Touch, the Component and Container form the basic building blocks for creating an interface. Each container can be assigned a Layout which handles the positioning of its inner items. The layouts work either by neatly arranging components to use the available space, or by showing just one component at a time and providing some way of changing the focus between them.

    In this tutorial, we’ll see each different layout type in action and see how they can be combined in any manner you can think of.

  • Sencha Touch 2: Tabs & Toolbars Screencast: Sencha Touch 2: Tabs & Toolbars  Added March 5th

    When it comes to building a user interface with Sencha Touch, the TabPanel and Toolbar are two components that you’re going to find indispensable. In this video walkthrough, Drew Neil (@nelstrom) demonstrates how to create a tabbed interface with icons, and how toolbars can be used to hold buttons, or a titlebar.

  • Sencha Touch 2: Native Packaging Demo Screencast: Sencha Touch 2: Native Packaging Demo  Added March 5th

    Using the new Sencha Touch native packaging tool to produce HTML5 apps that access native APIs, gaining access to native capabilities like taking pictures, showing notifications and tracking device orientation.

  • Meet the List component Screencast: Meet the List component  Added February 22nd

    This screencast shows what the List component can do, including sorting and grouping records, and adding an index bar. It also shows how to reveal a detail panel for each listed record, using a navigation view to coordinate the list and detail cards. This demonstration uses Sencha Touch’s MVC pattern.

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