Announcing the HTML5 is Ready App Contest

Together, we can destroy any lingering doubts that HTML5 is not ready, and prove that 2013 will be the year of the HTML5 app. We got the party started with the announcement of our Fastbook proof of concept app, and all the ensuing hoopla. Now it is your turn. We’re thrilled to announce our HTML5 is Ready App Contest!

The contest is simple: start with one of the six categories (based on default native apps found on most devices), get coding with HTML5 and Sencha, and take the basic native functionality above and beyond, to somewhere amazing that shows the app dev power of HTML5. We’re looking for the coolest, most innovative and elegant apps, and we’re giving away over $20k in cash and devices as prizes.

Check out the contest details page, the official rules, and then let the coding begin!


  1. Deep Shah says

    I am Deep Shah from India. I am representing Complitech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India.
    And we are delighted to participate in “Sencha Contest”.
    I have some questions list for “Sencha Contest” hope I will get my answers soon :

    1) If the application is on google play store then is it eligible for the contest?

    2) Can we submit the application to google play store or apple store later on?

    3) Can one member submit more than one applications?

    4) Is it necessary to develop application in only that six categories? Can we create application for any other category? Will application be eligible for contest if it is not one of the six categories specified on the website page of contest?

    5) If API is require then,can we develop that in any technology?

    6) Can we submit application by sending zip file instead of uploading it on web?

    7) Build of the mobile application should be created using,
    a) Sencha Packager,
    b) PhoneGap or
    c) No need to create build.

    Thank you,
    Deep Shah.

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