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Ext JS Customer Spotlight: Synergistix

Synergistix chose Ext JS to build its CATS Software Suite because of its ability to create a flexible and user friendly, industry-specific solution. Typical users of the CATS Software Suite are Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sales Reps and the home office teams supporting them. By using a common framework across its apps, Synergistix reduced the overall cost to develop and support its applications.

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Ext JS Customer Spotlight: 2Gears

2Gears chose Ext JS to build its powerful corporate governance platform for both desktop and mobile. The company has been using Ext JS and other Sencha tools since their inception. The combination of a robust architecture, excellent documentation, a very complete UI component library, and true cross-browser support made Ext JS the logical choice. In June 2016, 2Gears was awarded FinTech Startup of the Year for its app.

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GXT Customer Spotlight: CERN

Learn how CERN, a European research organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, used GXT to build the new web interface for their system, which stores more than 1.5 million documents and has around 3,000 regular users.

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Ext JS Customer Spotlight: Greentree International

Greentree Primed for Business

Greentree International provides ERP software for mid-tier companies. They chose Ext JS, Sencha Touch and Cmd to transform their desktop application into a browser-based product across multiple devices. Using the Sencha theming guide, they found it easy to create a customized look and feel.

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Ext JS Customer Spotlight: TriNet

Ext JS 5 saves us time by ensuring support for all popular browsers, so we do not need to expend engineering effort on browser compatibility issues.

TriNet provides HR solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. They built TriNet Payroll using Ext JS because it’s a robust framework for developing enterprise-class web applications that saves time, and its extensive set of tools makes development easier.

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Ext JS Customer Spotlight: eVestment

Using Sencha Ext JS has allowed eVestment to rapidly re-platform our web-based application using current UX/UI patterns. Our team now has a lot more time to focus on functionality for clients.

eVestment provides a flexible suite of easy-to-use, cloud-based solutions for institutional investment professionals. They had a desktop-based application, a robust web application built with ASP.NET and a smaller web application written with Ext JS. Read about how they decided on a strategy to incorporate the best features from the three solutions into a single web-based platform, using Ext JS.

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GXT Customer Spotlight: Logic9s ClearFactr

Sencha GXT allowed us to take our years of large-scale app dev experience and transition to a high-performance, highly scalable, web-centric platform in a very short time. We’re able to give our users a great experience and unquestionable value.

Logic9s chose Sencha GXT to build a powerful UI for their SaaS application, ClearFactr. They used the GXT Grid widget which dramatically outperformed alternatives in rendering and navigation speed, and allowed their developers to be much more productive.

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Sencha Touch Spotlight: United Heritage Life Insurance Company

Sencha Touch gave us the freedom to design whatever mobile interfaces we needed without worrying about operating systems or device issues. It insulated us from all the complexity. Our designs quickly became a reality on the screen.

United Heritage Life Insurance chose Sencha Touch to build mobile apps for their agents with a highly tuned and responsive user experience and package them for iOS and Android. They took their IBM i midrange (AS/400) environment and mobile-enabled their business logic, tapping into enterprise back-end systems developed with CA Plex and RPG.

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Sencha Touch and Ext JS Customer Spotlight: DecidoKompetensor & The Impossible Project


DecidoKompetensor, an IT company based in Malmo and Helsingborg, Sweden, uses Ext JS and Sencha Touch. They recently worked on the Impossible Project App with Impossible, a company that develops and produces completely new instant film materials for traditional Polaroid cameras. They chose Sencha Touch for the mobile app to ensure cross platform compatibility and an elegant UI with a seamless user experience.

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Sencha Touch Customer Spotlight:

20130821-harmonie-spotlight.jpg builds apps for the mobile enterprise that deliver a consistent user experience on mobile devices, the desktop, and the cloud, for a host of social and collaboration platforms. With a focus on serving customers that encourage BYOD, chose Sencha Touch because of its cross-platform capabilities. Read about how used the rich out-of-the-box, high-performance Sencha Touch components to speed up delivery of its product and provide a great user experience.

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