Sencha provides an open source licensing option for these frameworks, for developers that are willing to release the source code to their applications. To use this license you must follow the terms of the GPL v3, highlights below.

GNU General Public License version 3 (GPL v3) Terms & Conditions

You can elect to use the GPL v3 license without paying a fee, provided you must comply with GPLv3 license terms.

  • If you create software that uses GPL, you must license that software under GPL v3 (see GPL FAQ), and
  • If you create software that uses GPL, you must release your source code (see GPL FAQ), and
  • If you create software that uses GPL, you cannot release your work on Apple’s App Store.
  • If you start with a GPL license, you cannot convert to a commercial license simply by purchasing one.

You cannot include Sencha Ext JS or Sencha GXT in a closed source distribution under this license.

Additional information on open source licensing can be found in the Open Source FAQ

Sencha Ext JS x.x.x releases, such as 6.0.1, are available to commercial license customers with current maintenance and support agreements. You can download the latest Ext JS GPL version by completing the form on the right and clicking on the download SDK button. If you would like to purchase maintenance and support, contact Sales.

If you choose to pay for a Commercial License, you are not required to disclose your source code. There are fees for commercial licenses for Sencha Ext JS and Sencha GXT. There is no fee for commercial license to Sencha Touch.

If you have any questions or concerns particular to your use, please contact

Please email us at
and let us know what you were requesting.