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Ext JS Packages

From November 21, 2016 through December 16, 2016, you’ll get a free Sencha Test license with each new license of Ext JS Premium you purchase or upgrade (must purchase or upgrade a minimum of 5 licenses). Take advantage of powerful components in Ext JS Premium and improve the overall quality of your application with Sencha Test.

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Sencha Ext JS




Ext JS (HTML5/JavaScript Framework)

Cmd (Build Optimization Tool)

Ext JS Stencils (Design Kit)

1 Year of Maintenance & Support

Visual Studio Code Plugin* (Productivity Tool)

IDE Plugins (Productivity Tools –
JetBrains, Visual Studio IDE, Eclipse)

Architect (Visual App Builder)

Themer (Styling Tool)

Inspector (Debugging Tool)

D3 Adapter (Data Visualization)

Pivot Grid (Data Analytics)

Calendar (Event Management)

Exporter (Data Export)

Price (For up to 5 developers; includes volume discount)




* Visual Studio Code Plugin Early Access is available. Try it and share your feedback in the forum.

For more information, please read the FAQ below or contact Sales.


I am a long time Sencha customer with a single license. Do I need to buy a minimum order of 5 licenses in order to get the new features in Ext JS Standard?

As a single license holder, you are entitled to Ext JS Standard, provided that you have a current Maintenance and Support agreement.

How do I access Ext JS Standard Edition?

Customers with current Maintenance and Support Agreements can access the latest version of Ext JS through the Support portal.