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Sencha Touch Bundle

Sencha Touch Bundle

Sencha Complete

Sencha Touch Bundle is the industry’s first HTML5 product suite that provides mobile developers with the frameworks and tools they need to build touch-based apps in a single, integrated package. What's included:

  • Sencha Architect
  • Sencha Touch
  • Sencha Eclipse Plugin for Sencha Touch
  • Sencha Touch Charts
  • Sencha Touch Grid
  • Sencha Support Package
  • 1 Developer Pack

    Touch Bundle + Standard Support*

    $795.00 $695.00

  • 5 Developer Pack

    Touch Bundle + Premium Support*

    $3,855.00 $3,375.00

  • 20 Developer Pack

    Touch Bundle + Premium Support*

    $15,105.00 $13,205.00

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*Special introductory pricing


When I buy Sencha Touch Bundle, do I have the rights to use Sencha Architect and or the Sencha Eclipse Plugin with Sencha Ext JS ?

Yes, but commercial rights are limited to Sencha Touch. If you want to use Architect with both Ext JS and Sencha Touch, then you must purchase Sencha Complete or the appropriate Sencha Ext JS license(s). The Sencha Eclipse Plugin for Ext JS is only available in Sencha Complete.

Can multiple developer identities use different parts of the Sencha Touch Bundle?

No. For example, a Sencha Touch Bundle 1-Developer Pack license can only be used by one unique developer.