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SenchaCon 2014 is Coming to the San Francisco Bay Area

January 24, 2014 | Tracy Pullman

You asked and we delivered...SenchaCon 2014 will be in the heart of Silicon Valley at the Santa Clara Convention Center, November 10-13, 2014. This is a must-attend event, so mark your calendar now.

This state of the art facility sits next to the new 49ers football stadium and will house the ever popular Community Pavillion, where SenchaCon attendees can reserve a private session with a Sencha engineer, play a game of pool, grab some grub or check out our fantastic sponsors.

state of the art facility
new 49ers football stadium

Watch our wrap video and 70 technical sessions from last year’s conference and start getting pumped for SenchaCon 2014. Stay tuned for our early bird discounts...we will open registration in the Spring.

playing pool
community food tables
one on one with a Sencha expert
conference session

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Jeff Bach

7 months ago

Have long wanted to get to a SenchCon. Glad to see it is in a cool spot like SF. It’s on my calendar.  However, living now as I am in Madison, Wisconsin I look out and see a barren wasteland for Sencha. I somewhat question the ongoing dollar spend of promoting your brand/company, etc. to a mostly saturated demographic in an already tech aware location vs. doing more frequent smaller promo efforts in newish areas. It might just be me and I have missed your midwest brand building and evangelizing efforts.

The ONLY Sencha efforts I am aware of within hundreds of miles of my midwest location are the stellar efforts of Arthur Kay in Chicago.  It seems to me you spend lots of money to achieve a miniscule gain in SF, meanwhile here in the Midwest I have to believe your numbers are low, indicating an OPPORTUNITY to gain new users, yet you never seem to do ANYTHING away from the coasts.  Talk to the already converted (SF show)? or plow new ground (anything inland)......are you a risk taker (evangelize to a newish audience) or a cud chewer (talk to people who already use your stuff)? Do your leaders have any cajones? or do you keep your head down and do the safe thing?

Fredric Berling

7 months ago

I’m glad you selected SF. Lovely place. More than happy to come. All the way from Sweden. smile.

Austin Kim

7 months ago

I was at SenchaCon 2009 (or was that 2010) at SF and now I’m back to SF for another awesome SenchaCon 2014.  As I’m finally releasing an app and I hope to see some of awesome features as 2014 begins.  Can’t wait!

Mark Patton

7 months ago

Pretty traditional to switch conferences between East Coast and West Coast every year.  By holding it in SF they definitely cover a much larger population than just SF and the Silicon Valley. The conference becomes much more accessible to those of us in LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, etc.  My company would not pay for a trip to Florida, but might consider SF a better investment.  Worse case, I’d still be able to take some vacation time and drive.  Looking forward to attending one way or another.


7 months ago

Looking forward to it


7 months ago

Love the location and needless to say - me + a few colleagues will be there! smile


Tom Coulton

7 months ago

We’ve translated this post into Japanese - so hopefully there’ll be a number of Japanese Sencha users there as well!

This is the Japan Sencha User Group page:


6 months ago

Had a blast last year, and looking forward this year! Bring on SenchaCon 2014

Tracy Pullman Sencha Employee

6 months ago

@fredric @mats looking forward to seeing you and the Swedes again at SenchaCon in November!

Tracy Pullman Sencha Employee

6 months ago

@austin @mark @ashley @jaceyb looking forward to meeting you all at SenchaCon 2014 smile

Tracy Pullman Sencha Employee

6 months ago

@tom thank you so much for translating. We hope you and the Japan Sencha User Group can join us in the san francisco bay area for SenchaCon 2014!


6 months ago

glad to know that u choose san francisco as a place for u to develop ur product…

Stan Lawson

6 months ago

We had a great time in Florida. When can we sign up for 2014! The 2013 conference was spectacular how are you going to top it?!?!!?

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