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Commercial License Information

Commercial Licenses for Ext JS and Sencha GXT

Sencha offers two varieties of commercial license. A commercial software license for developers who want to build applications and a commercial OEM license for developers who want to create their own SDK's, application builders (or site builders) based on Sencha software.

Commercial Software License

  • Our commercial software license is a traditional "per developer seat" license. Each developer who works with Sencha software is considered a separate seat, including any developer who works with Sencha software through abstractions like tag libraries or data definitions rather than directly in JavaScript code,.
  • The license is a per named user (not a floating license), so it is not transferable to another developer when you are not using it.
  • If a developer for whom the license was purchased is no longer employed by your organization, you may reassign the license.
  • The license includes deployment of unlimited numbers of applications to unlimited numbers of sites, users and devices.
  • The license prohibits combining code that you develop using a GPL licensed version of the software with code that you develop using a commercial licensed version. In other words, you may not begin development with our GPL version and then "convert" it to our commercial version.
  • The license is perpetual and includes all minor releases but not patch releases. For example: a 3.0 license includes all publicly available 3.x releases including 3.0, 3.1, 3.3, etc. (but not, for example, 3.0.2 or 3.1.2 etc.)
  • You may purchase a support subscription to get access to patch releases (e.g. 3.1.2).
  • Please note that the commercial software license for Sencha Touch is available at no charge.

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Commercial OEM License

  • Our commercial OEM license terms vary widely based on your exact usage. For OEM's who want to simply ship our software with new language bindings or slightly customized UI widgets, we offer terms that are similar to traditional reseller agreements. For OEM's who want to embed and extend Sencha software in visual application builders, terms are generally fixed fee + royalty based. However since customer needs vary widely in this space, each agreement is highly customized.

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