Top Support Tips

Get the latest tips from the Sencha Support Team. Learn about full-width field error messages, response files for more readable build scripts, and uncompressed native builds.

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The Rise of Web Tech in the Enterprise

Web Tech Growth Infographic Featured

This infographic highlights some of the key findings from a recent survey that was conducted by Forrester and commissioned by Sencha. The results showed that web technology has gone mainstream and more organizations are shifting away from native development to improve productivity and deliver increasingly sophisticated web apps to market.

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Building Data-Intensive, Secure, Offline Web Applications

Many Sencha customers need to create applications that can efficiently and securely operate with large working datasets, on the order of several hundreds of megabytes and larger. This is a complicated task in itself, but many of these organizations also have to operate the application offline, to secure local data, and to support mobile and desktop devices. Learn how developers can use Sencha Web Application Manager to create secure, mobile, high-performance, data-intensive applications.

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Comparing JS Compression Methods in Sencha Cmd

Everyone believes bandwidth usage will be reduced and apps will load much more quickly simply by compressing all of the JavaScript an application needs—and Sencha has helped to automate this process for years through Sencha Cmd. Learn how you can squeeze even more performance out of this process by tweaking how Sencha Cmd compresses your code.

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Ext JS Customer Spotlight: TriNet

Ext JS 5 saves us time by ensuring support for all popular browsers, so we do not need to expend engineering effort on browser compatibility issues.

TriNet provides HR solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. They built TriNet Payroll using Ext JS because it’s a robust framework for developing enterprise-class web applications that saves time, and its extensive set of tools makes development easier.

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Announcing Ext JS 5.1 Beta


We’re excited to announce the availability of Ext JS 5.1 Beta. We’ve been hard at work adding exciting new features and responding to all the great feedback from you, the Sencha Community. Ext JS 5.1 comes with an entirely new selection mode for our grids (the spreadsheet model), along with other new components and enhancements including: 3D column and bar charts, enhancements to the draw package, a color picker, and the rating widget. Try it out and share your feedback in the Ext JS 5.1 beta forums.

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Optimizing The Development Process With Sencha Cmd 5


Sencha Cmd provides a suite of tools for generating and building applications using Sencha Touch and Ext JS. From a built-in web server to package management, Sencha Cmd can help you automate many common tasks. In this article, we’ll explore how all this comes together and test it out with a new custom component.

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Top Support Tips: August 2014


Here are the latest Top Support Tips. Learn about the new doc type in Ext JS 5, using overrides in Ext JS, and new optimizations for callParent in Sencha Cmd 5.

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