Announcing Sencha Touch 2.3 – Touch Grid, Cordova Support, and New Themes


Today we’re releasing Sencha Touch 2.3 with lots of new features, an iOS 7-friendly theme, as well as an exclusive Touch Grid for our product bundles (Sencha Complete and Sencha Touch Bundle). Sencha Touch 2.3 includes 3 new themes: Cupertino (themed for iOS 7), Cupertino Classic (themed for iOS6.x and below), Mountain View (themed for Android), and enhancements to other themes (including BlackBerry 10 upgrades).

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Using Sencha Cmd and the Sencha Eclipse Plugin Together


Sencha Cmd 3.0 is the newest addition to the set of tools that make it easy to build Sencha applications. The new Cmd greatly increases the functionality of what you can do on the command line, giving you the ability to scaffold, build and minify projects.

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