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Sencha Product RoadmapFrom the attendees of SenchaCon 2013, and in the continuous feedback we receive from our GXT community, the single biggest question that we have been asked most number of times is, “What is the plan/roadmap for GXT?”. The feedback we have received from our customers has been overwhelming. Everyone wants more in the framework, especially support for tablets. With this post, I am excited to reveal the roadmap we have put together for GXT. And yes, tablet support is coming!

In the near term (Q4 2013), we are planning the release of GXT 3.1, which will include a new theme builder, and improved documentation support. With the introduction of a new theme builder, we will also include appearance tuning across the board. The public beta version of GXT 3.1 will be available in late October. Note that we have been keeping track of changes coming to GWT, and we will do our best to support any changes from GWT in our GXT 3.1 release. In summary, GXT 3.1 will include:

  1. New Theme Builder
  2. Improved Documentation
  3. Defect Fixes from Previous Version

In summer of 2014, we will be introducing tablet support to GXT. The GXT 4.0 release next summer will have a full tablet support (touch gestures, smooth scrolling, drag and drop, and more…), with iOS, Windows, and Android specific themes. Along with tablet support, we will update the charts package to provide zooming, panning, rotation, etc. capabilities to charts. The public beta date of GXT 4.0 will be announced in spring 2014 targeting a general availability by summer. In summary, GXT 4.0 will include:

  1. Tablet Support
  2. Tablet Specific Themes
  3. Charts Package Upgrade
  4. Possible improvements for ARIA
  5. Defect Fixes from Previous Version

To deliver this expanded feature set our customers need within the allotted time, we are also announcing a price increase for GXT licenses and support. With these new capabilities available, these prices represent a tremendous value for customers developing applications with the GXT platform.

As of October 1st, 2013, the new price of GXT License and Support will be as listed below:

GXT License with Support Current Price New Price
1 Developer Pack $755 $955
5 Developers Pack $3,665 $4,635
20 Developers Pack $14,295 $18,075

This is an opportunity if you do not already have a GXT license, since we will continue to sell at the current price till September 30th, 2013. So please take advantage by purchasing GXT license(s) by September 30th, before the new prices become effective on October 1st, 2013.

We believe the additions outlined above will address your needs and add great value in the framework, and there is something for everyone from our GXT community. We hope to see the community build more applications with the platform and provide tablet support to their end users.

Written by

Gautam Agrawal leads product management at Sencha. He is responsible for guiding new product strategies and roadmap initiatives across the Sencha product portfolio. Additionally, Gautam works with strategic partners to establish and develop new market opportunities. Prior to joining Sencha, he held various product and engineering positions at organizations developing SaaS and Business Intelligence applications. Gautam holds a PhD and MS from State University of NY (SUNY) at Buffalo.


  1. Igor says

    I agree with Arno. When you see only one response in 5 days you should probably ask yourself if you are going in the right direction.

  2. Arno Mittelbach says

    Hi Gautam,

    first: thanks for the update on where you plan to take GXT. I am, however, a bit puzzled on the price increases. Why did you stop selling licenses and support separately (for most other products such as
    Sencha Ext Js, this is still possible)? If you are primarily interested in a license this new price policy is a huge drawback.


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