Webinar — The Exciting Future of Mobile Application Security

No one likes to deal with multiple login screens&#46 If you have to log in to more than one application a day&#44 you know how painful it is to manage all those passwords&#46 You can get greater security for your application with two&#45factor authentication&#44 which can help ensure your users are who they say they are&#46 Join us as we discuss how Sencha integrates with two&#45factor access control and single sign&#45on provider SecureAuth to create a seamless login experience for users &#8211 across all their devices&#46

We&#39ll also be discussing today&#39s most pressing issues around application&#44 data&#44 and user mobility in the enterprise&#46

Webinar &#8212 The Exciting Future of Mobile Application Security

When: 6/12/2014, 10:00 am PDT


The rapid adoption of mobile technology in recent years has created an opportunity for enterprises to increase the productivity and flexibility of their organizations&#46 This demand for greater mobility has forced enterprises to deliver sensitive applications and data across a wide array of devices and networks&#46

SecureAuth and Sencha have created an integrated approach to application&#44 data&#44 and user mobility and security that elegantly addresses these challenges&#46

In this session&#44 you will learn how&#59

  • To manage and secure applications&#44 data&#44 and users on any device
  • You can easily integrate two-factor authentication and single sign-on into your apps
  • You can protect your data end-to-end with strong encryption

We&#39re pleased to present this webinar in cooperation with SecureAuth&#44 a leading provider of two-factor access control solutions&#44 facilitating strong authentication&#44 single sign-on&#44 and access to mobile&#44 cloud&#44 web&#44 and network resources&#46


Nicholas Harlow
Director of Product Management
Sencha Space

Garret Grajek
CTO and Founder

Written by

Nicholas Harlow is the Director of Product Management for Sencha Web Application Manager. Prior to his role at Sencha, he held engineering and product management roles at IBM and helped build innovative software for several other organizations.


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