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Crossplatform mobile apps: development and testing

Crossplatform mobile apps: development and testing
February 20th, 2014

Event Description


18:00 Meet & Greet

18:10 Introduction to Sencha products family. What can I do with all that stuff? by Pavel Kurnosov

In his lightning talk Pavel will introduce main frameworks/tools with focus on Sencha Touch and Sencha ExtJS.

18:30 Testing Sencha / JavaScript applications by Mats Bryntse (Stockholm)

Maintaining high quality for a large scale JavaScript codebase is not a simple task. To avoid regressions and keep momentum, you need a test suite and it should be executed daily in all supported browsers. Mats Bryntse from Bryntum is visiting to share some lessons he learned the hard way as he and his team developed a large Sencha (Ext JS and Sencha Touch) codebase. He will demonstrate the testing practices they use as part of their Continuous Integration process and show some useful tips and tricks.

19:30 Mobile app development discussion by Simon Flack (Bodø)
Simon is familiar with Sencha frameworks starting from their beta-versions. Now he leads extremely professional web/design agency based in northern Norway (Whitefox.no) and continues to develop fantastic mobile apps based on Sencha Touch.

Date: February 20th, 2014
Pilestredet 56
Oslo, Norway
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Link http://www.meetup.com/sencha/events/161079162/
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