Sencha Releases Architect 3 for Desktop and Mobile Enterprise Apps

Significant Upgrade Offers Fast, Efficient and Flexible Path to High Quality HTML5 Apps

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—November 13, 2013—Sencha, the leader in HTML5 app development for web and mobile apps, today released the newest version of its visual app builder, Sencha Architect 3. This major upgrade addresses one of the primary pain points for enterprise developers, extending hundreds to thousands of corporate apps to hundreds of mobile and desktop devices. With the new version of Sencha Architect, developers and designers now have the fastest and most efficient means to build apps that work on the most platforms and devices by leveraging HTML5 and web standards.

HTML5 is rapidly becoming the de facto enterprise standard for building robust web and mobile apps, as it delivers unprecedented flexibility and productivity for developers, designers and end users. But while HTML5 has emerged as the ideal enterprise app development platform, enterprise developer teams still struggle to keep up with growing demands to build hundreds of high quality, easy-to-use and branded mobile apps that provide users with the tools they need to do their job.

Architect 3 is an integral part of Sencha’s comprehensive suite of solutions that empower app creators to develop universal apps from a single code base that delivers a compelling user experience across the most platforms and devices. This “write once” philosophy significantly reduces the time and costs associated with developing native apps for multiple devices.

With Sencha Architect 3, individuals and teams can design and develop complete apps with a single tool. New and improved capabilities such as Templates, User Extensions and Theming give app creators a leg up on development by creating a singular branded app experience and user interface that can be replicated across every app. Easy app UI continuity frees up developers’ time to focus on the more strategic areas of the development project and reduces the time to deployment for each app.

The advanced and integrated capabilities of Sencha Architect 3 significantly improve productivity. Architect 3 intelligently integrates visual layout, code editing and packaging to allow app creators to seamlessly go from design to development to deployment without sacrificing the best practices for maintainability, collaboration and knowledge transfer.

“With the ability to produce spot-on views of an application interface across device types, Sencha Architect 3 has changed the way we approach mobile development,” said John Bond, manager of mobile development at Commonwealth Financial Network. “We can quickly and easily switch between OS platforms using theming, so we no longer worry about implementation details during the prototyping phase. Templating, extension support and code completion give our enterprise developers a significant productivity boost. Using Sencha Architect, we have streamlined the design process with our business analyst, design and usability teams—these time-savings multiply with each revision of a project’s lifecycle.”

“HTML5 has proven to be an ideal development language to tackle the fragmented world of multiple operating systems and browsers, and hundreds of mobile devices and desktops,” said Michael Mullany, CEO of Sencha. “Sencha Architect 3 empowers developers to create robust applications through a complete app-building experience, providing the kind of control, flexibility and ease of use that produces high quality apps faster.”

The ultimate HTML5 app builder offers a variety of key new features, aimed at driving speed and simplicity, to provide developers with an optimized canvas for app creation. Features include:

  • Project Templates—Sencha Architect 3 makes it even easier for developers to get started, with the addition of project templates. Users can now choose from a variety of common templates and layouts upon which Sencha Architect 3 then creates a project with all the necessary components. Templates are available for the latest versions of Sencha Touch and Sencha Ext JS, and they cover the range from basic layouts to fully featured example applications. You can even make a template out of your own project and share it with others.
  • Easy Theming & Styling—Sencha frameworks provide rich themes for total control of a project’s appearance. Architect 3 exposes the power of theming by enabling direct editing of the appearance of an application which previously would require multiple tools and steps.
  • Architect User Extensions—Sencha Architect 3 now supports framework extensions, allowing them to be brought into Architect. Once installed, users simply drag them into the canvas, edit them in the config panel and see the actual code running in the Architect canvas. Developers can package extensions for individual use, group use or community use through

Pricing and Availability
Sencha Architect 3 is available now for $399 per developer seat. For a limited time, Sencha Architect 2 customers can upgrade to Architect 3 for $239, a savings of 20 percent from the regular upgrade price of $299. Architect 2 users are also eligible to purchase Sencha Complete at the discounted price of $695.

About Sencha

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