Sencha Launches SenchaDevs, the Definitive Directory of Expert Developers

SenchaDevs connects companies launching web application projects with a rich ecosystem of top-notch web development and design firms who are fluent in Sencha’s technologies.

02.10.2011– REDWOOD CITY, Calif.: Sencha, the leader in enterprise JavaScript frameworks, has launched SenchaDevs, a global directory of software developers who are expert in its web application technologies. SenchaDevs helps companies deploy high-quality web applications faster by connecting them with a growing pool of exceptional talent, and provides a highly visible storefront for web development agencies and individuals who are skilled in Ext JS, Ext GWT, and Sencha Touch.

“The rise in prominence of HTML5 and mobile web applications is driving demand for Sencha skills, which represents a huge opportunity for independent developers and agencies that can offer these skills,” said James Pearce, senior director of developer relations at Sencha. “SenchaDevs is part of our overall commitment to the web application development community, and a way in which we can help grow all of our partners’ businesses.”

SenchaDevs matches global demand with global skills in an online marketplace

Startups, website publishers, enterprises, and other businesses are turning to Sencha’s cross-platform, cross-browser web technologies to develop rich internet applications – both for desktop and, increasingly, mobile applications. However, the demand for developing such apps often outstrips in-house skills or framework-specific experience. SenchaDevs connects these companies with a rich ecosystem of top-notch web development and design firms who are fluent in Sencha’s technologies.

“SenchaDevs is a great way to match companies with well-qualified Sencha developers,” said Greg Schmitzer, CEO of Mad Mobile. “By being listed on SenchaDevs, we can present our services to companies that are keen to launch next-generation mobile apps. Plus, we get tremendous value from using the Sencha framework because it enables us to launch mobile websites that provide a speedy, app-like browsing experience.”

“SenchaDevs brings together freelance developers who want to promote their services and companies that need to accelerate projects with additional development resources,” said Jay Garcia, owner of TDG Innovations and author of Ext JS in Action. “Listing my services on SenchaDevs provides me with opportunities to increase sales leads for my company. I’ve been extremely successful using Sencha products since 2006 to deliver rich, web-based applications to customers ranging from startups to enterprises.”

“The need for experienced Sencha developers is growing as Sencha products are gaining worldwide acceptance. Numerous companies have contacted me looking for professional help in building their rich internet apps,” said Mats Bryntse, CEO of MBC and author of Ext Scheduler. “SenchaDevs provides a marketplace where developers and companies can easily find each other. I can reach companies who need my services. Plus, it makes it easier for me to hire skilled developers to help meet this increasing demand and grow my business.”

How SenchaDevs works
SenchaDevs is freely available at

  • Developers complete a simple sign-up, providing details of their business, their location, and their particular skills. They can also create a portfolio of previous Sencha-based projects.
  • Clients come to the site, looking for developers. A simple filter allows them to specify the skills required, and the size or cost of the project. The system lists developers who meet these criteria, along with relevant information about each match.
  • Once the client has found suitable developers, they can use the site to make contact, providing further information about the planned project, and to request a proposal from the developer.
  • When the project is complete, SenchaDevs allows the developer to ask the client for an endorsement — which is displayed on the site — so that future clients can, in turn, see those developers who have delivered successful projects.

About Sencha

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