Multi-device development, debugging, and deployment made simple

Sencha Space helps development teams to write, test, and deploy their HTML5 apps consistently and securely across different platforms, while eliminating the need for multiple code-bases and complicated cross-platform testing processes. Developers can get even greater value from the solution by using Space APIs to access Space platform and native device features. IT and DevOps professionals can use Space to easily manage the lifecycles of enterprise apps, data, and users on any device.

The centralized management system makes it simple to instantly deploy apps, grant and revoke user access, and delete sensitive data over-the-air. Real-time analytics and reporting support both monitoring of the environment and regulatory compliance and audit activities. The Space offline capabilities facilitate secure and usable apps even when disconnected from the network.

sencha-space-diagramSencha Space Solution Architecture

Enterprise-grade HTML5 Application Environment


Sencha Space provides a managed application platform that secures and segregates business apps and proprietary data on any supported smart phone, tablet, or desktop. Space can help eliminate wasteful development expenses. By making your applications compatible with Sencha Space, they will run as intended on any device, even when offline.

Centralized Management System


Sencha Space provides a central administration console that allows organizations to manage users, applications, and data easily, running either in the cloud or on-premises. The Space management system enables organizations to manage the full lifecycle of applications, users, and data within their organization, enabling instant deployment of applications to the right users on the right device at the right time. Similarly, it enables organizations to revoke access to sensitive applications and data as the needs of the organization evolve.

Identity Management Integration


Sencha Space was designed from the ground up to provide superior security for users, devices, and data. By integrating with existing LDAP, ActiveDirectory, and SAML-enabled identity provider systems, Sencha Space can leverage existing identity and access management capabilities. This integration both simplifies user provisioning and creates a seamless authentication experience for end-users.

Device and Data Security


Sencha Space allows organizations to revoke access to applications and data instantly as needed. This provides complete control over applications and data distributed across a variety of end-user devices. It secures local data storage through an encrypted file system and local SQL database. Data in the Space environment are secured by default with FIPS 140-2 approved cryptography. Space secures data-in-transit by seamlessly integrating with SSL VPN appliances for per-app network encryption.

Developer and Administrator API


Sencha Space provides application developers and DevOps professionals a comprehensive set of APIs. The Space developer API enables HTML5 applications to access both the internal capabilities of the Space platform, as well as native OS/device capabilities to create truly cross-platform apps with a superior user experience on any platform with a single, consistent set of JavaScript APIs. Similarly, DevOps professionals can leverage the Space admin API to automate common management tasks or integrate Space management capabilities into existing IT management solutions.

Reporting and Audit


Sencha Space collects user, device, and application activity data to help organizations monitor and report on relevant activity. By automating and simplifying the collection and aggregation of audit trail data and providing interactive dashboards and built-in reporting, Space can reduce the cost of audit and compliance activity.

What’s Included in Sencha Space

  • Sencha Space Administration Console, available in the cloud or on-premise
  • Sencha Space Client Application, available on your mobile device’s app store or download the desktop version of the app here

Sencha Space Platform Support

  • iOS 6+
  • Android 4+
  • Windows Phone 8+
  • Windows 7 +
  • Mac OS X 10.9+