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Sencha Space is a secure, cross-platform environment for your mobile web and HTML5 apps. You can use it to help:

  • Build — Reduce the cost of developing secure, cross-platform mobile apps
  • Deploy — Simplify app deployment for both testing and production
  • Manage — Enforce policies to secure your users, data, and applications

Sencha Space APIs

With Sencha Space, developers can create powerful and universally accessible applications by tapping into a rich set of device-level APIs; all while conforming to IT security and management policies. Sencha Space acts as a secure business environment for enterprise application developers to target for deploying their HTML5 applications.

Sencha Space APIs

Speech Invoke

The Invoke API allows apps running inside a Sencha Space client to communicate and exchange data with each other.

Profile Secure Data

The Secure data API that allows you to securely encrypt data within their apps that are stored inside of Sencha Space.

file Sensors

The Sensors API within Sencha Space gives you device-level access to the GPS, accelerometer, compass, camera, and more.

Profile Profile

The Profile API allows apps to retrieve and update profile information (including presence) for users.