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Licensing FAQ

General Licensing FAQs

How are your products licensed?

Ext JS, Ext GWT, and Sencha Touch are licensed under three options: a commercial license, a commercial OEM license, and an open source license (GPL V3).

Sencha Complete, Architect and Animator are available under a commercial license and an OEM license. To find out which one is right for you, read more about the appropriate use cases for each of these three licenses in our FAQ below:

When do I need a commercial OEM license?

If you are creating your own software developer kit (SDK) , web application builder or website builder based on Ext JS, Ext GWT, or Sencha Touch, Then you need an OEM agreement with Sencha. Please read the license agreement under the prohibited Use for more information on when an OEM is needed Since use cases vary widely, commercial OEM licenses are customized per customer. Contact us to learn more about this option. Full license details are available in our Legal section.

Can I start my development with a GPLv3 version and then buy a commercial license before I want to release my application?

No, the terms of our commercial license do not allow this. You must choose which license you wish to use (commercial, GPLv3, or OEM) at the beginning of your development lifecycle.

Can I reassign a license to a different user?

Yes, but only once every 6 months.

Do I need to renew my license every year?

No, licenses are perpetual. You only need to buy a license once. However, if you purchase a support subscription, you should renew the subscription on an annual basis, if you want to continue with support and Maintenance service

I’m under contract to build an application for my customer. At the end of the project, I will deliver the software to my customer. My customer will own the intellectual property (IP) for the software. Who needs to purchase a commercial license, my customer or do I need to?

In this scenario, both you and your customer would need to have a valid product license. Under the terms of our commercial license, each and every person who develops a commercial product using Ext JS, Ext GWT, and/or Sencha Touch must have a commercial license.

Ext JS and Ext GWT Licensing FAQs

If I buy Ext JS version 4 now, will I have rights to previous versions of Ext JS?

Yes, by purchasing an Ext JS 4 license, you will receive rights to the previous public versions of Ext JS.

If I purchase an Ext JS or Ext GWT license(s) without Sencha Care support now, can I purchase support later?

Yes. Within 90 days of the purchase of your license(s), you may purchase a support subscription. Your support subscription will be backdated to the date of the license purchase.

Can I buy 10 licenses of Ext JS/Ext GWT but only buy Sencha Care support for 5 users?

No. You must buy support for every license you have if you want support. This is because support includes software maintenance and rights to all new versions of software released within the time frame of the support subscription. As such, in order for all licensed users to have those rights, all users must purchase Support.

I currently have an Ext JS 3.x license but do not have a Sencha Care support subscription. Am I entitled to receive Ext JS 4.0?

If you do not have a valid support subscription for Ext JS 3.x, you are not entitled to Ext JS 4.0. You must purchase a new Ext JS 4.0 license to obtain rights to the software.

I currently have an Ext JS 2.x license. Am I entitled to receive Ext JS 4.0?

No, you will need to purchase a new Ext JS 4.0 license.

We purchased multiple product licenses several times during the year and our support subscriptions all expire on different dates. Is it possible to sync the license expirations so that they all expire at the same time?

Yes. Please email for more information.

Can I use Ext JS and Ext GWT for free?

Ext JS and Ext GWT have commercial and open source versions. You may download and use Ext JS and Ext GWT free of charge under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPL v3). However, you must comply with the terms of the GPL v3 license. Key terms for applications written and distributed under the GPL v3 license require that you release your source code to your users.

Sencha Touch FAQs

Can I use Sencha Touch for free?

Yes. Sencha Touch is available free of charge for commercial and/or open source application development.

However, embedding Sencha Touch in a commercial web application builder or software development kit (SDK) requires a paid commercial OEM license agreement. See “When would I need an OEM license agreement with Sencha Touch?” FAQ for more information. Additionally, using Sencha Touch commercially for native deployment on Embedded Device with more than than 5,000 units annually requires an Embedded Device License. See “When would I need an Embedded Device license agreement with Sencha Touch?” FAQ for more information.

A Sencha Care support subscription for Sencha Touch is available for purchase separately.

What is the difference your free commercial license and the open source license?

You can use Sencha Touch under either license. Under the open source GPL v3 license, you are required to release you source code and license your program under GPLv3. Our free Sencha SDK commercial license agreement allows you unlimited developers, distribution and use provided you are not using Sencha Touch for a development tool or application builder, or for native deployment on an Embedded Device.

When would I need an OEM license agreement with Sencha Touch?

If you are creating your own commercially licensed software developer kit (SDK) or web application builder based on Sencha Touch, a commercial OEM license is the right option for you. Since use cases vary widely, commercial OEM licenses are customized per customer. Contact us to learn more about this option.

When would I need an Embedded Device license agreement with Sencha Touch?

If you are distributing commercial software built with Sencha Touch for native deployment on an Embedded Device, you may do so for free for distributions of less than 5,000 units annually under our standard Tools License for Sencha Touch. Please contact us about distributions above that amount. Use of Sencha Touch application through a general purpose web browser is permitted under our standard commercial license and does not require an Embedded Device license.

What devices are considered as Embedded Devices?

Embedded Devices include TV’s and devices in cars, refrigerators, cameras, and other specific purpose products (see license). Embedded Devices do not include PC’s, laptops, smartphones, tablets, or other general purpose devices. Embedded Devices prohibitions also do not cover display in a general purpose web browser, regardless of the device.
Please review the Tools commercial license agreement for more info on Embedded Devices.

What if my Embedded Device has a browser built in?

Distribution of a Sencha Touch application through a general purpose browser, regardless of the device, is free of charge an embedded license is not required. A general purpose web browser has a URL bar and a general browser “chrome”.

Sencha Complete FAQs

Can multiple developer identities use different parts of the Sencha Complete software bundle?

No. For example, a 1 Developer Pack Sencha Complete software bundle can be used by only one unique developer.

Support FAQs

How do I get a quote to renew my support subscription?

Simply email and we’d be happy to provide a quote.

Do I need to purchase a support subscription for every product license we own?

Yes. To be eligible for support benefits of each product license, you must purchase a Sencha Care support subscription on a per product license basis.

What’s an x-Credit?

x-Credits are a currency used to meter Support Tickets or request other types of assistance available under a Sencha support plan as described in Table 1 above. For example, a Support Ticket uses 10 x-Credits per incident. Telephone Support uses 50 x-Credits per hour with a 25 x-Credit minimum. The available number of x-Credits depends on the Support Plan you purchase, as described in Table 1. Premium Support forums are available 24×7×365 and do not use any x-Credits.

The process for requesting assistance using x-Credits is described in our support process letter that is sent to our customers’ primary support contacts when they purchase a support plan. This process is also described in our Support and Services agreement.