Fast Track to Sencha GXT Development

This class will help you build great GXT apps. It provides in-depth coverage of the Sencha GXT framework and UI components and will focus on Sencha GXT 3+, including how to use the new touch features in GXT 4. By the end of the class, you will have experience building all the pieces of a rich user interface with GXT, including layout containers, forms and validation, tabs, and data-bound components (grids, trees).

You will understand how to customize a widget's appearance using several different methods. In addition, you'll learn techniques and best practices applicable to GWT applications such as the MVP pattern.

Classroom - 4 days
Online - 8 half-day sessions

Classroom at our location or Online

You must bring your own laptop, Mac or PC.


Register 30 days in advance

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Course Outline
Event Handling

GWT attach/detach model, GWT events, Sencha GXT events, observable classes, custom events, typed and untyped listeners

Component Model

Overview, component lifecycle, deferred rendering, component vs. element, component configuration

Containers and Layout Management

Containers, layout managers

GWT Server Communication

RPC, HTTP Calls, request builder

Data Package and Stores

Models & BeanModels, loaders, proxies and readers, stores

Templates & ListView

Template, XTemplate, member formatting functions, using templates with a ListView

Sencha GXT MVC

MVC architecture, controllers & views


Static & dynamic string substitution, specifying a locale, local property files

Hands-on Experience with Common Components

Viewport, TabPanel, Grid, Tree, FormPanel


  • Experience developing applications in Java
  • Experience with Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEs
  • Experience with developing Cascading Style Sheets
  • Experience with GWT is not required

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