Java, CSS, and GXT Fundamentals

This hands-on class will help you learn the basics to build great GXT apps. It is targeted at developers who are new to Java and GWT web development, need a refresher, or wish to expand on current Java, CSS and client-side GWT development knowledge.

This class is only offered in conjunction with Sencha GXT classes.

1 day session

Classroom at your location or Online

You must bring your own laptop, Mac or PC.

$900/developer (6 person minimum)
$700/additional developer
Plus instructor travel for Private Classroom training

Course Outline

CSS selectors, floats and CSS positioning, CSS styling and shortcuts, CSS specificity


Basics Overview (variables, conditionals, operators, loops), classes, interfaces, subclasses and overriding, anonymous inner classes, collections, exceptions & error handling

Manipulating the DOM

DOM API, innerHTML, document fragments

Eclipse (Optional)

Setup and configuration, features, tricks & tips

Sencha GXT Fundamentals

GXT overview, creating a new project, modules, project structure, host mode and web mode

Debugging and Tools

Firefox, Firebug, Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar, Safari Console


  • Programming experience
  • HTML fundamentals

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