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Sencha Touch Charts Now Available

August 10, 2011 | Jamie Avins

Sencha Touch Charts 1.0 Now Available

Watch Video Today we’re excited to announce the general availability of Sencha Touch Charts, an add-on to Sencha Touch. Touch Charts introduces a whole new way to interact with data on the mobile web, enabling users to touch, pan, pinch and explore data all within the browser.

We launched the beta last month and we’ve received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback as people have explored Touch Charts and seen what’s possible on the mobile web. With the help of the amazing Sencha community we’ve been hard at work improving and adding to Touch Charts in a number of ways:

  • Members in the forum were asking for the ability to have a default zoom, so we’ve done just that with the addition a default zoom and pan values for use with the PanZoom interaction
  • One of the most fun interactions in Charts is the ability to rotate the Pie series and now we’ve brought that over to the radar series as well
  • Pie labels will now be hidden if they do not fit within a pie slice. In addition, pie charts can now use callouts to display labels
  • While the markers on the charts were great as labels, we had a request to allow images to be used. Based on that, we’ve added a new ‘image’ marker which allows any image to be used as a chart marker

And of course, documentation: you can’t ever have enough and with the general release of Touch Charts, we’ve added a third guide, the SASS Styling Guide to help developers get started styling their charts.

On top of all of this new functionality we’ve been hard at work fixing bugs, ensuring corner-cases are handled as well as making performance better across all of our supported devices. Sencha Touch Charts is now available for $99 under commercial license or for free under the GPLv3 license.

Of course we wouldn’t have been able to do this without our tireless community. From reporting bugs, to suggesting features, to submitting patches, your input has helped us build and shape Sencha Touch Charts. All of us at Sencha thank you for your help and continued support!

So download a trial, read the documentation, and get started with Sencha Touch Charts!

Download Sencha Touch Charts 1.0 Today

There are 11 responses. Add yours.

Steffen Hiller

4 years ago

Great job! We already implemented it in an ongoing Sencha Touch project.

Shaoning Zeng

4 years ago

I’m interested to know about the performance, so i will hand a try it soon.


4 years ago

Is there a reason the PlayBook isn’t featured in the video or the screenshots? Does it run that badly on it?

Jamie Avins Sencha Employee

4 years ago

@interfaSys no reason other than we cannot put every device on the page.  The Torch implementation was actually the one which was a bit more difficult due to multitouch issues.


4 years ago

Thank you.
Good job if you’ve managed to make it work on the Torch smile


4 years ago

Looking stunning! The gestures seem to work a treat too, more of the same please! smile

thiet ke website

4 years ago

Nice works! Very useful!


4 years ago

Ah, i see. Well that’s not too trkciy at all!”


4 years ago

This site is like a classroom, epcxet I don’t hate it. lol


4 years ago

Is that really all there is to it because that’d be flbbaergasntig.


4 years ago

Appaernlty this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin’ ‘bout.

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