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Sencha Animator Create Rich CSS3 Animations with Ease

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Sencha Animator

Fantastic animations. Reduced effort.

Sencha Animator is a desktop app to create CSS3 animations for WebKit browsers and touchscreen mobile devices. Create rich experiences for today’s most popular devices.

Lights, Animator, Action!

Rich CSS3 animations for every platform.

Captivate your audience, engage your customers. CSS3 animation has never been so easy. With the power of Sencha Animator, you can build cutting edge interactive CSS3 animations and embed them to your website, iBook, or App. Animate text and images with smooth transitions, design buttons with gradients, and make your animations highly interactive. All backed by the strength of web standards.

Whether it’s zooming through space, challenging foes to kung fu, or showing off your latest line of amazing products, Sencha Animator elevates your creative experience and allows you to deploy on today’s most popular platforms.

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Instant feedback for visual tweeks.

Better design experience. Superior results.

With Animator’s familiar workspace, you can confidently design and create your animations, get real-time visual feedback, and export the final result — without ever needing to type a single line of CSS3.

Attach custom JavaScript to any element you want.

Complete output control.

Animator’s output is clean and human readable. This allows you to have full control over the animations after exporting. Additionally, Animator’s powerful JS API allows you a highly flexible means to control, alter, and override your animations according to your needs.

Zoom in for complete control.

Fantastic animations. Reduced effort.

Animator is built to be fast, easy and efficient to use, giving you freedom to develop innovative ideas, iterate designs quickly, generate better customer engagements and drive higher client ROI.

Powerful features for outstanding projects.

Powerful features for outstanding projects.

With support for symbols and independent timelines, creating interactive animations is a breeze. Use flexible layouts to fit many screen sizes. Include Web Fonts to make your text stand out.

Direct sencha touch export

Direct Sencha Touch export.

Animator supports a wide range of export and embedding options — including Sencha Touch. You can easily import any animation made with Animator into your existing Sencha Touch projects.

Exports ORMMA-compatible project files.

Compliant with any mobile ad network.

With Sencha Animator you can produce projects that are compatible with any mobile ad network, as well as ORMMA and MRAID, mobile advertising standards that all major mobile networks support.

Apple's iPad and iPhone feature an advanced WebKit browser.

Modern browser support.

With Sencha Animator you will create experiences built on web standards. The projects are exported in future-proof prefix-less CSS3. Browser support includes, but is not limited to: Chrome, Firefox, IE10+, Safari as well as Android 2.3+, Apple iOS 4+, and BlackBerry OS6+ touch devices and any other browser that supports CSS3 animations.

Sencha Animator supports modern platforms

Sencha Animator is perfect for …

Someone interacting with a tablet

Interactive Experiences

Use Animator to quickly ideate, design, prototype, and even deploy interactive experiences. Being flexible, easy to use, and web-based, it is the perfect tool for any Interaction Designer.

An animation is a draft state


With the help of powerful API you have full control of your CSS3 animations: use Animator backed by JavaScript to develop HTML5 games.

Animated ads on three different mobile devices

Mobile Advertising

Animator outputs mobile ad network compliant code for rich mobile ads straight out of the box. No plugins required.