Meteoric Rise of HTML5 Fuels Demand for Sencha Technologies

In a world of increasingly closed applications platforms, Sencha extends its lead as the open-Web alternative, with development technologies that span frameworks, tools and the cloud, and that enable the creation of tomorrow’s multi-device Web.

AUSTIN, Texas [SenchaCon 2011 Developer Conference]: With more then six hundred of the world’s top Web application developers gathered at its third annual developer conference, Sencha, the leading provider of HTML5 frameworks and tools for desktop and mobile application developers, has been showcasing its complete suite of developer tools for designing, developing and deploying tomorrow’s sharing-enabled HTML5 Web applications.

“Looking at the phenomenal rise of HTML5 as the next industry standard for Web development, it’s clear that 2011 has been a transformational year for this powerful set of Web technologies. Sencha products have been a major driver of the increased interest in HTML5 because we give developers, for the first time, a way to harness emerging HTML5 technologies and create highly functional Web applications that erase the line between native apps and Web apps,” said Michael Mullany, CEO of Sencha.

Sencha offers developers an end-to-end platform for building and deploying mobile apps

    Sencha Touch. This flagship Sencha product has emerged as a frontrunner among mobile application development frameworks. Since its launch last year, more than 400,000 developers have downloaded Sencha Touch and created tens of thousands of apps that run across the most popular touch-based smartphones and tablets. Some of the best Sencha Touch applications are featured in the Sencha Touch App Gallery, with more added every week. Recent product feature enhancements have included touch-based charting, which gives users the ability to interact with live data on any device.
    Sencha Animator. The newest Sencha tool for creative professionals lets them design and deploy plug-in free, CSS3-based animations. Feedback from the developer community about Animator has been extremely positive. With more than 10,000 downloads in the two weeks since its launch, and over 2,000 Tweets, Animator is capturing the attention of designers looking to create mobile ads that can run on any platform.
    Ext JS 4. Hundreds of thousands of customer sites around the world now use the flagship Sencha framework for creating rich Internet applications in mission-critical environments. Recent enhancements have added HTML5 charting, giving users the ability to interact with data using the latest Web technologies.
    Ext Designer. The Sencha prototyping tool for rapid application development is now in use at thousands of customer locations, speeding time to market for advanced user interface design projects. This week at SenchaCon, Sencha previewed version 2 of Designer, the first HTML5 app builder with complete desktop and mobile support. This week, Sencha also previewed its entry into HTML5 cloud services, with, a mobile cloud service that gives client developers an easy backend solution that handles user login, inter-user messaging, application data sharing, and deployment.

As just one usage example, Sencha HTML5 developer tools and SDKs are currently being used by developers who are part of the AT&T Foundry innovation initiative, enabling them to create HTML5-based experiences that can be accessed from AT&T handsets. “AT&T and Sencha are working together to give developers the tools and network access APIs they need to create incredibly powerful and versatile Web apps, faster,” said Carlton Hill, VP of device operations and developer services at AT&T. “SenchaCon provides a perfect venue to share our vision for the mobile Web, and a chance to gather insights and feedback from some of the world’s top developers.”

“The Web has always been about openness and innovations that enable interoperability. Sencha is leading the way with a suite of open, Web-focused technologies,” added Mullany. “Our frameworks, tools and cloud services, enable developers to create rich and highly engaging Web experiences that are free from platform and device constraints.”

About Sencha

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