Ext JS 5 Tablet Support


The landscape of computer usage, both personal and enterprise, has been changing dramatically since tablets started challenging PC sales worldwide. Ext JS 5 learned a bunch of new tricks from Sencha Touch 2. In this guest post, Grgur covers Ext JS 5 tablet support, including updates to the class system, event management, widgets, and new deployment options.

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Announcing Public Beta of Ext JS 5


Sencha Ext JS 5 beta is available for public access and evaluation. This release includes touch support, two-way data binding, grid gadgets, touch-optimized charts, routing and more. For all the Ext JS developers out there, this a great opportunity to help make this the best Ext JS release ever. We invite you to download the beta and share your feedback in the forum.

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Addressing Mobile Data Security (Part 2)


In Part 1 of this series, we explored how the increasing cost of data breaches coupled with the risk of increased mobility poses formidable challenges for IT-based organizations. In this article, we will examine how adding a solution that provides application-level strong cryptography for data both in-motion and at-rest can help to strengthen the security posture of today’s MDM/MAM solutions.

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Introducing Sencha.com/videos


Over the years we’ve been producing videos on building better HTML5 apps, JavaScript tips, and thought-provoking conversations from around the world. Most of these videos have been available on our Vimeo channel, but now we’ve created a channel on our own site to make them easier to find.

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Automating Unit Tests


One of the first questions I always hear when starting with a new client is “How can I build unit tests for my application?”

It’s obvious that many people understand the benefits of unit tests – developers want to minimize the number of bugs in their code and managers want to reduce the amount of time required to test an application before release. Although the concept of unit testing has existed for years, software teams are only now beginning to explore building tests for their Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

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Sencha Touch oData Connector and Samples for SAP


Today we’re releasing the Sencha Touch oData Connector for SAP, available on the Sencha Market. We’ve partnered with SAP to make it easier for SAP customers to build HTML5 applications using Sencha Touch. We announced our partnership with SAP earlier this year and have been working actively with SAP to build this shared capability to make it easy for developers to quickly build rich mobile enterprise applications.

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Flex to Sencha: The Opportunity


Today Sencha is launching a fast-track program for Flex Developers looking to develop HTML5 applications in partnership with Sencha. Join us to learn more about building HTML5 applications.

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The Sencha Hackathon Recap


SenchaCon in Austin last week really reaffirmed our belief in the strength of the Sencha community – and most especially on day three, when we hosted our biggest ever Sencha Hackathon.

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