Ext JS 6 Beta is Now Available

We’re extremely excited to announce that Ext JS 6 beta is now available. With Ext JS 6, you’ll be able to use a single JavaScript framework to seamlessly build apps for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Download it, try out all of the new features, and share your feedback in the forum.

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Building Maintainable Controllers in Ext JS Apps

We started using Ext JS 4 in late 2011 at eMortgage Logic. We didn’t know how to write Ext JS applications properly, but we eventually got the hang of making the application do what we wanted. That didn’t mean we were architecting them well, however. Our final application was handled by a dozen massive controllers, […]

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Hidden Gems in Chrome Developer Tools

Google Chrome has a great set of developer tools that offers lots of features — in fact, so many features that it’s hard to find them all. Art Kay shares a few hidden gems that he uses to make it easier to build web apps.

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Announcing Ext JS 5.1.1: Improving Your Dev Experience

We’re excited to announce the release of Sencha Ext JS 5.1.1. Although this is a minor release, some notable new features and several bug fixes will enhance your Ext JS 5.1 applications and improve your development experience. We’re grateful to our customers and the Sencha community for the continuous feedback, feature requests, and bug reports. Try it out and share your feedback in the forums.

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Sencha Ext JS JetBrains Plugin EA Update 2 Released

The new Ext JS plugin for JetBrains IDEs generated a lot of buzz when we debuted it at SenchaCon 2015. We’d like to thank everyone who offered feedback and bug reports. Now, we’ve released Early Access Update 2 of the Sencha Ext JS plugin. Check it out.

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Comparing JS Compression Methods in Sencha Cmd

Everyone believes bandwidth usage will be reduced and apps will load much more quickly simply by compressing all of the JavaScript an application needs—and Sencha has helped to automate this process for years through Sencha Cmd. Learn how you can squeeze even more performance out of this process by tweaking how Sencha Cmd compresses your code.

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