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Sencha Touch Pricing (And Much More!)

September 03, 2010 | Abraham Elias

*UPDATE: Sencha Touch is now free!

We've been hard at work on Sencha Touch over the Summer: we've found and fixed a long list of bugs, and added neat new features like modal slide-ins and disclosure icons. We think we're converging on a release candidate, which is pretty exciting for us. We're also seeing some previews of the amazing apps that you're building. When you put Sencha on a fast device, you get some serious eye-candy! Now that we're close to release, we wanted to give you details on pricing and licensing for Touch. We also wanted to let you know about other changes we're planning to make to pricing, licensing and support for the rest of the Sencha product line.

Sencha Touch Pricing

First up, what everyone wants to know. Commercial pricing for Sencha Touch will be $99 per developer seat.

As with our desktop SDK's, this gives you the right to create as many apps as you want. There's no "per app", "per domain", per "run-time" or other additional fees. We want Touch to be used by every mobile developer, whether you're a one-man shop making the next million dollar app for the App Store, or whether you're building a quarterly reporting app for your company. We think a $99 price makes Sencha Touch accessible for everyone, but also allows us to continue our strong engineering investment in mobile. And there's more. We're also offering no-cost licenses for personal use, for non-profit organizations, and for classroom and teaching uses. In the past, we've thought that the GPLv3 version of the software was a perfect fit for these uses, but now there's a GPL alternative for these uses as well.

Sencha Complete

You can get Sencha Touch standalone for $99, but from today, you'll also be able to buy a new package of products that we're calling Sencha Complete. Sencha Complete packages all our JS products together with support and maintenance. For $995 per developer, you'll now be able to get Sencha Touch, Ext JS, Ext Designer and support together.

Free Upgrades When You Buy Support with a New Purchase

And there's yet more. Starting today, when you buy Support and a Commercial license together, we'll also include a year of Subscription rights: this gives you the the right to obtain major version upgrades for twelve months. This means that from today on, when you purchase support along with Ext JS or Ext GWT, you'll be eligible for a free upgrade to Ext JS 4 and Ext GWT 3 when we release them. If you buy Sencha Complete, you'll also get new major versions of Ext Designer. Of course, this is in addition to the Maintenance that you normally get with Support which gives you access to patch releases of the SDKs.

Sencha Touch Commercial License Terms

Sencha Touch will also have a new version of our commercial license, which contains several revisions from our current Ext JS and Ext GWT commercial license. One significant change is that if you're going to build a commercial application, you should write that code under a commercial license from the start. Under our current license, we've seen some companies (with very large teams) develop applications under our GPL license option, then purchase a single developer license when it's time to distribute the application externally. Other dual source SDK's like Qt don't allow this option, and our new license incorporates this practise. We plan to use the Sencha Touch license for Ext JS 4 and Ext GWT 3 when we release them, but the commercial license for Ext JS 3 and Ext GWT 2 does not change.

Revised Support Offerings and Volume Discounts

So that's the news for Touch, now I'll turn to other changes that we're making to our support and volume discounts. Our current 4 tier support system is complex to both explain and to administer, so we are simplifying our offering. We're consolidating our four tiers of support (Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond) down to two (Standard and Premium). Standard support is available for single developer licenses, and Premium is available for 5 pack purchases and above. We think the new structure is a big improvement.

Volume Discounts

We're also changing our Volume Discounts. Previously, if you wanted to purchase (let's say) 72 licenses, you would purchase two 25 packs, four 5 packs and 2 single licenses. These all had different support entitlements, and x-credits and it was very complicated to understand. Instead of this, we're introducing a new 20 pack license, and a new volume discount offering for customers who want to buy more than 20 licenses. Now if you want 72 licenses, simply contact us, and we'll give you a quote for 72 licenses. Much simpler. Also, as part of leveling out the per-developer support price for volume pricing, we're increasing the number of x-credits (support credits) that we provide per developer, and increasing the per developer price to account for this. Let me emphasize that we're not changing the single developer support price for Ext JS or Ext GWT.

Support Plan Grandfathering

Although we think the new support plans are a big improvement, we know some of you will prefer the existing support plans. So for customers who like their existing support plans (which don't include Subscription rights), you'll be able to renew under the existing pricing and terms through the end of the year. And that's everything. We're really pleased to be able to offer Sencha Touch for $99 per developer and at no cost for non-profits and teaching. We hope to see even more amazing mobile apps soon!

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Jay Garcia

5 years ago

This is exciting.  Glad to see how Sencha Touch is developing.  I think a lot of developers will find this much more affordable than Ext JS.


5 years ago

I love the Sencha Touch!! it’s really good and easy to learn smile


5 years ago

Great prices and fantastic tools!  I’m all over this like syrup on a pancake.


5 years ago

What are the annual upgrade prices for these various packages (mainly curious about extjs only and 1 developer bundle)?



5 years ago

The prices are curious to me as well. I’ve already bought both a single developer licence, an ExtJS licence with support, and ExtJS designer when first released (and at discount). Now it looks as though I should’ve waited and picked up the Sencha Complete package.

Please Sencha - please ensure that your loyal early adopters/ supports don’t get left feeling a little cheated on pricing compared to the latest packages.

I still got 40/40 x credits left and my support is up for renewal!

Jamund ferguson

5 years ago

What benefit is there to the paying license over the GPL version and how does the GPL version prevent someone from forking off into their own fully free project?

Yogesh Sharma

5 years ago

Great going , thumbs up for great pricing.

Michael Mullany

5 years ago

M, we’ll publish the upgrade prices a little closer to the release of the next gen releases, but our intention is to make the support/subscription bundle a better deal than the standalone upgrade.

@Martin we always try to give early adopters a break - so we had a special $219 promotion on Designer, and there was a special bundle of ExtJS and Designer with a discount before we moved to Sencha Complete. There will undoubtedly be special promotions in the future also.

JC Bize

5 years ago

Excellent move. Congrats to the team for their awesome work on Sencha Touch!

Michael Mullany

5 years ago

Jamund. We don’t include any code under the commercial license that you can’t get in the GPL version.  Our GPL version is fully free, so I’m not sure what you mean here.  There is nothing preventing anyone from taking Sencha Touch and forking off their own GPLv3 project under a different trade name, although that would be a little unfriendly since we think we’re pretty good at bug-fixing and listening to community input, (although we can always get better.)

Mattias Sandström

5 years ago

Great job on Sencha Touch.
As a paying customer of Ext JS I am a bit worried about the lack of support and upgrades for Ext JS - no updates since June 2nd of Ext JS even though the support contract should contain monthly updates (and I have one support request in SVN awaiting release and a couple of other overrides I have added from the forums). The second beta of 3.3 is now also a bit old (although no word on release date has been mentioned).
Please Sencha, don’t drop the ball on Ext JS while running on the Touch track as your loyal Ext JS customers may get worried…

Michael Mullany

5 years ago

We should be getting Ext JS 3.3 out in the next few weeks. It’s taken a little longer than we expected.

Pratik Kumar

4 years ago

Love your software ! 99$ is a pretty neat price to start with. I wont mind paying it at all.

Kevin Hutchinson

4 years ago

Any idea when Sencha Touch v1.0 will be released? This year?


4 years ago

THX that’s a great asnwer!


4 years ago

This has made my day. I wish all potsgnis were this good.


4 years ago

I reockn you are quite dead on with that.

samsung 1080p hdtv

4 years ago

Not everyone will agree, but I think you make a good point.

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