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SenchaCon 2010 Recap

December 20, 2010 | Donovan Erba

SenchaCon 2010 Recap2010 was, to say the least, an exciting year for Sencha. We introduced new products and continued to innovate with our family of JavaScript and Java frameworks. And Sencha Conference 2010 was a huge success with 500+ attendees, 50 sessions, and attendees saying the conference gave them an opportunity to meet many of the dedicated and passionate members of the Sencha community. If you weren’t able to attend the conference, here are a few of the highlights:
“SenchaCon videos are now available to attendees. Check your email for the link and password to access them.”
SenchaCon videos are now available to attendees. Check your email for the link and password to access them. They will be available to the general public in January 2011. If you haven't seen it yet, watch Abe Elias, the Sencha team and partners in the SenchaCon Welcome and Keynote Address. You can also view slides from all of the sessions on the Sencha Conference section.

Fun Times at Sencha Conference 2010

There were also lots of opportunities to meet new people from the Sencha community. We had a hackathon on Monday night where over 175 people spent 3 hours with the Sencha team working on projects and getting hands-on with Sencha frameworks. We then took off from the Fairmont on Tuesday night and headed over to Fort Mason where we enjoyed great food and played Rock Band.

2010 Accomplishments

Our community forum members have grown from 80,000 to over 180,000 this year. We released new products including Ext Designer and Sencha Touch and made major updates to both Ext JS and Ext GWT. We announced Sencha Touch 1.0 release at the conference which includes HTML5 forms support, web-based pickers, a complete new MVC package, and Android optimization. Plus, we announced that Sencha Touch 1.0 is now available as a free commercial download (in addition to the existing free GPL download). Read more about Sencha Touch 1.0 here. Finally, to show how customers are taking advantage of Sencha products, Marketo, Widgetbox, and presented demos of products built using our JavaScript frameworks Ext JS and Sencha Touch.

Sencha Touch App Contest Winner

We had over 200 contest entries for the Sencha Touch App Contest. The winning app, selected from a shortlist of 10 finalists, is DailyCrossword for iPad, developed by Cahit Gürgüc. In second and third place were TravelMate and e-Resisitible, respectively. We were really impressed with all of the different kinds of apps people created using Sencha Touch.

What’s coming in 2011

We have outlined our plans for Ext JS 4, Ext GWT 3, Sencha Touch 1.1, and the official release of Sencha Animator. This next year will bring advancements in our products as well as continued success with our growing Sencha community. We asked where you would like to have SenchaCon next year and we are very excited with the results. We look forward to seeing you at Sencha Conference 2011!

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4 years ago

welcome to china beijing in 2011


4 years ago

somewhere is europe, maybe London smile


4 years ago

+1 for London! :o)


4 years ago

+1 for London!!


4 years ago

Berlin is cool too wink


4 years ago

Berlin should be much much cheaper, but still chique.


4 years ago

+1 for Berlin wink


4 years ago

+1 for Berlin, very nice city. Must see!


4 years ago

+1 for London


4 years ago

I nominate Southern California for the next one smile


4 years ago

Wish I could have made it to sencha con. And looking forward to sencha touch 1.1, but could you address all the open bugs in 1.0.1 before a new release? So many basic features are quite broken… as many users have reported in the forum


4 years ago

+1 for Berlin wink

Chris Dawes

4 years ago

+1 For Melbourne, Australia


4 years ago

Definitely Europe - Berlin, sometime in October wink


4 years ago

Ah, i see. Well that’s not too tcriky at all!”


4 years ago

Hats off to whoveer wrote this up and posted it.

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