Working at Sencha—Come Join Us

20120912 Company Update

Art Kay recently celebrated his 4th anniversary at Sencha. He takes you on a tour of some recent events and tells you why he loves to work here. Have a look and come talk to us about joining Sencha.

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SenchaCon 2015 is Ready to Roll


SenchaCon 2015 is April 7-9 and will take place in the San Francisco Bay Area. Registration is now open. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to rub elbows with Sencha users from around the globe and see how they use Sencha to drive their businesses. Sign up now to get super early bird pricing. It’s only available to the first 100 registrants!

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JavaScript in the Enterprise – Your Questions Answered


In last week’s webinar, Analyzing the ROI of JavaScript in Enterprise Software Development, we discussed the requirements for building enterprise applications and highlighted some of the challenges commonly faced by our own customers. In this article, we answer some of the top questions asked by attendees.

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4 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a JavaScript Framework


Over the last five years, there’s been an explosion of innovation in both web and native technologies. With the rapid release of libraries, frameworks and tools, developers now have many options to create applications. But, have design patterns and the general utility of micro-library stacks really added productive value to full-scale enterprise web development? To find out, read this article and sign up for our upcoming webinar.

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Create Custom Charts using Sencha Charts


With the launch of Ext JS 5, Sencha introduced a new and more powerful Sencha Charts package, which has built-in support for touch events. This means you can use touch gestures to interact with the charts. In this guest post, Ajit walks you through how to create custom charts using Ext JS 5.

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A Fond Farewell to YUI


Last week, Yahoo announced they are immediately stopping all new development on their Yahoo User Interface (YUI) library. The Sencha Ext JS framework and YUI have a kinship and a long history together, so we wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on our past and discuss what the future holds.

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Toward Modern Web Apps with ECMAScript 6


ECMAScript, the official name for the language we all know as JavaScript, has enjoyed tremendous success over the last couple of years. With convergent standard support, performance boosts from modern JavaScript engines, as well as its foray into the server-side stack, ECMAScript has gained significant traction and redefined the scope of HTML5 applications. In this article, we’ll cover updates in ECMAScript 6.

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5 Myths About Mobile Web Performance


Recently we’ve heard some myths being repeated about mobile HTML performance that are not all that accurate. Like good urban myths, they sound compelling and plausible. But these myths are based on incorrect premises, misconceptions about the relationship between native and web software stacks and a scattershot of skewed data points. We thought it was important to address these myths with data that we’ve collected over the years about performance, and our own experiences doing optimizations of mobile web app performance.

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