Sencha Learn Roundup

We’re constantly updating the Sencha Learn section with new content, here is some great content you might have missed:

h3. New Tutorials for Ext JS 4 and Sencha Touch 2

thumbnail for Upgrading to Sencha Touch 2 PR2 Tutorial on Sencha Learn

With the preview of Sencha Touch 2 available, it is a great time to explore the APIs and prepare to upgrade your existing applications. In this article from our newsletter, “Upgrading to Sencha Touch 2 PR2”:, we take a simple existing example app–the Touch 1 CityBars guide–and explore what is required to make it compatible with the Touch 2 PR2 release.

The Sencha Class System

Following up from his highest-rated SenchaCon talk, Jacky Nguyen prepared a great tutorial on “the Sencha Class System”: within Ext JS 4 and Sencha Touch 2. Both frameworks use the classes to manage dependencies, improve reuse, and provide rich features commonly found in class-based languages. Developers writing code using Ext JS 4 and Touch 2 can inherit from internal classes in the frameworks and make their own code object-oriented.

thumbnail for Sencha Touch 2 Class System Screencast on Sencha Learn

Community member Jay Garcia has posted his own take on the Sencha Touch 2 Class System, which you can find as an 11 minute screencast in this “contributed piece to Sencha Learn”:

Ext JS 4 tutorial by Tommy Maintz

Tommy Maintz continues his Ext JS 4 MVC series of articles. In the previous two articles, he explored architecting a Pandora-style application using the new features of Ext JS 4. In the third installment, he implements controller logic inside of the application’s MVC architecture. Catch up with Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already. Or go straight to Part 3 of “Architecting Your App in Ext JS 4”:

h3. New Tutorials for Ext GWT 3 Beta

thumbnail for Running Ext GWT 2 and 3 Together Guide on Sencha Learn

Ext GWT 3 Beta is now available! To allow a smooth transition from Ext GWT 2 to 3, Ext GWT lets you include both v2 and v3 components in the same application. Ext GWT Team Lead Darrell Meyer explains how to “run Ext GWT 2 and 3 together”: in the same app.

Ext GWT 3 Declarative Markup with UiBinder

Our newest Ext GWT team member Justin Hickman wrote an interesting article on Ext GWT 3 Declarative Markup with UiBinder. UiBinder support has been one of the major driving factors for many of the API changes in Ext GWT 3.0.

h3. Catch up with Ext Designer & Sencha Animator

thumbnail for Build a Car Store with Ext Designer 1.2 and Ext JS 4 Tutorial on Sencha Learn

Check out this tutorial for building a Car Store with Ext Designer 1.2 and Ext JS 4. This article takes the previous “car store” sample project, upgrades it to Ext JS 4, while adding new JavaScript charts.

thumbnail for Animator Guided Tour Guide on Sencha Learn

If you haven’t seen the new Sencha Animator (which recently hit 1.0, and is on special for Flash developers), get familiar with our Quick Start and Guided Tour. Our guided tour provides a brief introduction to Animator functionality and suggests exercises to help you learn your way around the tool.

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  1. camelcase says

    I was going to post and suggest that you annotate which items in the learning center are videos because some days when I am lazy I just want to sit back and learn through absorption rather than text based study.

    Then I discovered that the Vimeo ‘V’ icon leads to an effective index of the videos. Previously I had mentally blocked out the icon because it sits with all the worthless me-too icons.

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