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Source DevCon Recap

May 11, 2011 | Aditya Bansod

Source Conference For Sencha Web App Developers, May 2011 in Europe We’ve just wrapped at Sourc{, the Sencha developer community conference in Split, Croatia hosted by Grgur Grisogono and put on by MICROgrupa. It’s been an exciting event full of great talks and some fantastic networking. There’s a great vibe and lots of excitement about the future of the web and Sencha technologies and we’re happy to be a part of it.

Day 1 day kicked off with a keynote from Grgur Grisogono, James Pearce and Aditya Bansod. The keynote had three main themes: recapping the last year for Sencha, the roadmap for the next of the year, and the future of the web and how it’s evolving with HTML5. In the recap, we covered how Sencha has been growing, including our new office and the launch of Sencha Touch 1.1, Ext Designer 1.1, and of course Ext JS 4.0.

Grgur Grisogono at Sourc{ DevCon, photographed by Nils Dehl

The Product Roadmap presentation covered the plans for Sencha frameworks and tools in 2011, including the coming releases of Sencha Touch 2, Designer 2, Animator 1, Ext GWT 3 and the plans for updates to Ext JS 4. We also announced the preview of cloud services as the third pillar of the Sencha product portfolio.

After the kickoff, the conference sessions began. There were two main tracks: the general sessions and training. The general sessions included a deep dive in to Ext JS 4, an overview of, an overview of Sencha Touch and other topics. The training sessions included how to get started on building your first Sencha Touch app, how to use Sass to do theming, and much more. One of the most interesting sessions was delivered by Tomislav Car about work Infinum Digital has done to extend Sencha Touch to run on various platforms that aren’t supported out of the box, such as Samsung’s Bada.

Day 1 wrapped up with a fantastic party thrown by the organizers and a nice segue to day 2. Highlights from Day 2 included Brian Moeskau’s presentation and lab on migrating from Ext JS 3.3 to Ext JS 4, Jozef Sakalos’ workshops on extensions and plugins, plus a ton of other great talks, workshops, and sessions. One particularly interesting session was Jay Garcia’s session introducing people to how JavaScript scoping and classes worked.

Panoramic picture of Split, Croatia

We’re still buzzing from the great vibe and excitement that was at the event and thankful for the organizers (especially Grgur!) for such a well run conference in a beautiful location. For people who weren’t able to attend, many of the session’s presentations are available on Lanyrd. The sessions were also videotaped, and once they get the video out of post-processing, we’ll be posting it for conference participants first, and soon afterward we’ll start releasing sessions for general viewing. And if you’re looking for more Sencha conference goodness, we’re looking forward to seeing you in October in Austin, Texas for SenchaCon 2011!

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4 years ago

A beautiful review. Thanks Aditya, and thank you Sencha

FYI, photos are available at (still uploading) and all 35 videos are to be uploaded when edited. If you didn’t get to join us, you’ll still be able to watch all the presentations and workshops.

Nils Dehl

4 years ago

Was such a great conference!! Can’t said often enough perfekt job Grgur!!

Mike Hardaker

4 years ago

I’d have loved to be there. Had the agenda as published been less focused on ExtJS (not may bag) than Sencha Touch I would have been. For next year please build a structure that is friendlier to more focused developers rather than those who work with the whole family of Sencha products - and I (and I guess many others) will be there!

Markus Wichmann

4 years ago

Thanks for the nice recap.  And thanks for mentioning that SenchaCon 2011 will be in Austin, TX. Do you know the exact dates already? I’m a bit confused by the fact that does not yet mention anything of SenchaCon 2011 and that (a link that was passed to participants of SenchaCon 2010) did not offer Austin, TX as a choice. Furthermore, there’s a forum thread at in which even James Pearce does not state a venue or dates so far. Are Austin as a location and October as time reliable?

Joe Cramer

4 years ago

Nice! Can’t wait to see the videos. Looks like a great conf

Donovan Erba

4 years ago

@Markus, SenchaCon 2011 will be October 23-26 in Austin, TX. We announced a “save the date” in our last newsletter, which pointed to this signup page We just added it to our Events page. More info to come!


4 years ago

Now I feel stupid. That’s clareed it up for me

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