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What Are The Best JavaScript Frameworks For Mobile Apps?

July 28, 2022 140 Views

JavaScript frameworks have been dominating the mobile app development field for the past few years. New JavaScript frameworks with outstanding features and functionality are also constantly emerging. Thus, developers often struggle to find the best JavaScript framework for mobile apps to go ahead with their developments. However, it won’t be an easy choice, as there are numerous frameworks to choose from. In this article, we aim to discuss a few popular JavaScript frameworks for mobile apps to shed light on your decision-making process.

Best Javascript frameworks for mobile apps

What is Sencha Ext JS?

Sencha Ext JS is an excellent JavaScript framework for developing data-intensive web and mobile apps. It facilitates building modern and cross-platform mobile apps with support for various platforms. This framework comes with more than 140 built-in UI components, including calendars, grids, lists, menus, toolbars, and panels. These components work optimally on any type of mobile application.

Sencha Ext JS offers an SDK to easily build rich mobile interfaces with animations. Its touch-optimized UI components support many touch events and offer an outstanding user experience on various mobile devices. This framework even allows developers to access device-specific features through native APIs. It leads to an enhanced native user experience of mobile apps.

What are the notable features of Sencha Ext JS?

  • Responsive touch feature
  • The ability to manage a massive amount of data
  • Visual data representation
  • Use of MVVM architecture that increases the efficiency of development
  • Two-way data binding that aids live synchronization
  • Session management and rooting


Why choose the Mobile Angular UI framework for mobile app development?

Mobile Angular UI is an open-source JavaScript mobile app development framework. It offers a set of robust UI components such as sidebars, overlays, navbars, switches, and scrollable areas that help build mobile apps.

Developers familiar with AngularJS can get started with this framework without too much trouble. The two-way data binding feature of this framework facilitates automatic data synchronization between model and view components but might be complicated.

An important thing about this framework is that it is based on Angular and Bootstrap. It even includes features lacking in Bootstrap 3.


What are the features of Mobile Angular UI?

  • Light-weight framework without many dependencies
  • Comes with various useful mobile components such as overlays, sidebars, toggle switches, dropdowns, modals, and navbars
  • Utilizes AngularJS directives to offer an enhanced mobile experience
  • Built-in dependency injection that simplifies the development process


What is the role of React Native in mobile app development?

React Native is one of the leading JavaScript frameworks for mobile apps. It is an open-source JavaScript framework with support for native components.

Apps developed using React Native can offer a decent end-user experience. This open-source framework has gained popularity since its invention due to its cross-platform compatibility. It allows developers to build sophisticated mobile apps for both Android and iOS using a single code-base. Thus React Native provides a decent solution for building mobile apps. React Native is also well supported by its creator, Facebook, and the large developer community around the globe.


What are the features of React Native?

  • Compatibility with third-party plugins
  • Access to an extensive library of React components
  • Provides a Chrome extension that helps debug efficiently with the DOM
  • The ability to develop cost-effective and easily maintainable mobile apps
  • Hooks feature also provides access to all its features without implementing a class
  • The Document Object Model (DOM) enables React to calculate required changes and updates beforehand


How does Ionic help develop mobile apps?

Ionic is another prominent mobile app development framework that provides a complete application development kit. It allows developers to create hybrid mobile apps that combine the strengths of iOS and Android apps. Apps built with Ionic have decent performance, similar to other hybrid app development frameworks.

Ionic also has a robust development environment called Ionic Studio for developing Ionic apps. The Ionic Studio has a development editor, allowing decent development of mobile apps.

What are the features of Ionic?

  • A powerful yet flexible development platform
  • Easy to use drag and drop app builder
  • Access to a wide range of tools

How does JQuery Mobile help build mobile apps?

JQuery mobile is also a popular mobile development framework based on the JQuery core and JavaScript language. This framework utilizes the UI component library of JQuery to customize the appearance of mobile apps. Furthermore, JQuery mobile comes with a tool for creating custom themes that help improve the look and feel of your mobile apps.

What are the features of JQuery Mobile?

  • Native like experience
  • Lightweight framework
  • The ability to develop cost-effective hybrid mobile applications
  • Provides a touch-intensive UI that utilizes HTML5 and CSS3
  • Powerful page transitions and AJAX-based navigations

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a UI toolkit by Google for developing native web, mobile, and desktop applications. It uses the Dart programming language of Google; therefore, it is not a JavaScript framework, but the languages are similar. The Flutter UI toolkit also contains fully customizable widgets. Thus, it helps developers build cross-platform mobile apps. Moreover, the layered architecture of Flutter leads to passable performance of Flutter apps.

What are the main features of Flutter?

  • Built-in Apple widgets that support customizations for iOS apps
  • Powerful motion APIs to facilitate animations on pages
  • Support for both Android and iOS platforms
  • The ability to build apps with great functionality using Redux, React, and WebPack
  • Built-in material design

With the increased number of mobile users worldwide, organizations have felt the need for effective mobile apps to carry out their services. However, mobile app development is an evolving field, leveraging the capabilities of the latest technologies.


Why should you choose Sencha?

Sencha Ext JS provides a perfect solution for building cross-platform mobile apps with excellent performance. In conclusion, its built-in high-performance UI components, drag-and-drop paradigm, and other features ensure seamless design and development of your mobile app.

Sencha Ext JS is one of the most cost-effective platforms for developing your mobile app, especially in enterprise. It also supports rapid development with great flexibility, security, and better data management. Moreover, it is highly compatible with all the latest versions of mobile OSs. In short, above are only a glimpse of the advantages Sencha offers its users.

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