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Spotlight: Ext JS Customers

March 01, 2011 | Jay Robinson

Today, we’d like to spotlight four Sencha customers who are using Ext JS to build desktop web applications.

LoopFuse, Inc.

LoopFuse Ext JS appLoopFuse OneView is a new marketing automation platform for small and medium businesses. The OneView product includes all the components traditionally used by marketing and sales organizations in their day-to-day activities, such as: email marketing, lead scoring, lead nurturing, web analytics, list management, social monitoring, integration and lead capture forms. OneView ties together all of the sales prospect information into “one-view” of the marketing and sales pipeline.

Why We Chose Ext JS

OneView’s UI is built entirely on Ext JS. Initially, we used JSF (JavaServer Faces), but we quickly discovered several problems. We switched to Ext JS, and we were able to build a more responsive, intuitive and friendlier user interface.

One of the biggest benefits of using Ext JS is the number of components included in the base offering, along with all the extensions. We were able to use trees and grids to make our UI more interactive. Also, we used tabbed panels to organize views of different data sets. Throughout the application, we’ve simplified user workflow by using Ext JS Wizards, and we built all of our charting features using the AmCharts library. Additionally, we make heavy use of Ext JS plugins across the UI: DateRange (picker), FileUpload, CheckColumn, Ext.ux.TinyMCE, and MultiSelect. Finally, the cross browser support that Ext JS provides is outstanding.

Since the product is entirely built on Ext JS components, all information from the UI to the web-tier is handled via AJAX. This gives us the benefit of exposing these same AJAX (JSON) calls, as a Web services API, to our customers. Anything a user can do within the UI is available via the API. By using Ext JS, we lowered the cost of developing a Web services API.


Mumboe Ext JS appMumboe provides web-based software that helps businesses manage their contractual agreements with customers, partners and employees.

Why We Chose Ext JS

We use Ext.Grid in Mumboe and have implemented customizations that tie an Ext.FolderTree to a grid, a “liquid” grid that expands horizontally as the browser window is re-sized. We also implemented custom grid rendering for the notifications on our dashboard. For a variety of tasks, we use Ext.Panels, Ext. Windows and Ext.Menus throughout the application. We’ve customized all these components to “auto-hide.” We’ve also created custom Ext.Panels to use as “popouts” where we can display pertinent vertical information about a piece of data and offer the user a discrete list of actions to perform on any one piece of data. Also, we use the Ext.LoadMask extensively — mostly to help inform users when our application is busy and to help users move through their workflow. We have also customized the Ext.LoadMask, so it can be called and used with a variety of options. Any DOM element in our app can be “load masked” and users can be informed at any time why the mask is there and what our app is working on.

Our code base is approximately 30% lighter since we adopted Ext JS. Previously, we used a myriad of open source, for-pay and homegrown widgets. The code for our datepicker alone was larger than the entire Ext JS library. We used to spend 1-2 weeks just trying to get a grid or a datepicker to work in the newest version of IE or Firefox, but now we don’t worry about that. We spend our time developing our application.


QuickPrez Ext JS appQuickPrez is a web conference application that enables anyone to present documents in real time. Users can create private spaces to add and manage files, invite contacts, and present documents as well as use the integrated chat during a presentation and activate the webcam to instantly start a video conference. QuickPrez uses the latest HTML5 features, such as WebSockets, HTML5 Drag&Drop (file upload), and more. The viewer interface is compatible with older browsers and any HTML5 browser including iPhone and Android devices as well.

Why We Chose Ext JS

We wanted QuickPrez to support all common browsers on the market, so we chose to use basic native web technologies such as JavaScript. We designed a modular application because we knew QuickPrez would need to evolve constantly to fulfill our customers’ needs.

Ext JS provides modular, scalable and extensible UI components, which allowed us to focus on the functionality we wanted to implement and reduced development time. We created an Ext.ux.uploader plugin that can setup HTML5 drag & drop and upload capabilities on any Ext.Component. The plugin lets you transform buttons in SWFupload upload triggers (Ext.Button,…) or Components (Ext.Panel, Ext.grid.GridPanel, Ext.tree.TreePanel…) in droppable zones.

We created a custom file explorer using Ext JS TabPanel combined with a DataView to display the files with thumbnails. We then used the Ext JS plugin architecture to add an HTML5 drag&drop plugin that allows users to drag files from the desktop right into the panel and watch the upload progress in real time. Once uploaded, the store is reloaded and the thumbnails displayed automatically. Ext JS is a framework we use in our daily work and development has never been easier.


TEQneers Ext JS appTEQneers is a software and consulting company. We deliver packaged software as well as consulting services to our clients. TEQtest is an enterprise software solution for test planning, execution, and analysis.

The TEQtest testing UI was entirely built using Ext JS features such as templates and “Ext.DataView” components. TEQtest features a web-like user interface with a cover-flow-inspired main content area. This UI enables testers to quickly page through their assigned tests.

Why We Chose Ext JS

We chose Ext JS to completely rebuild our application because it offered enterprise-grade components. The “configuration-object” design pattern used throughout Ext JS and the remote procedure framework “” made it very easy for us to build sophisticated client-server interaction on top of a rich desktop application. The resulting PHP/JavaScript framework allows our developers to quickly leverage the power of Ext JS components without having to write all of the underlying code — and largely minimized the need to write JavaScript at all. Plus, Ext JS supports Internet Explorer 6 which is still widely used in the enterprise environment.

The tight PHP-Ext JS integration allowed our developers to focus on writing in their familiar language — PHP. They could write a fairly standard CRUD data handling module without the need for a single line of JavaScript code and still deliver a great looking user interface. This dramatically cut development time. Without Ext JS, the UI components such as drag-and-drop support, modal windows, sortable, filterable and paginatable data grids simply would have been impossible to implement in the available timeframe. Using Ext JS, we were able to customize UI widgets, theming and boxed widgets. Our development process is greatly accelerated by using Ext JS as the core client-side building block.

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4 years ago

Such amazing talent!


4 years ago

Great inspiration, along with a nicely organized foundation. I like seeing vast Ext JS applications. Nice job.


4 years ago

TEQneers is interesting

but when ExtJS4 will release?


4 years ago

Impressive! Congratulations to those featured.  I’m giving each of you a virtual high five for a job well done.

Release Date When?

4 years ago

Great Job!!


4 years ago

Yeah what’s the hold up? Wasn’t it suppose to be released yesterday?

I can has phrameworq?


4 years ago

I think they said, that the first beta will be released this week. Here, it’s wednesday morning, now, so two/three days to the weekend…


4 years ago

The LoopFuse looks very interesting. Also from a technical point of view it looks like a large application. I wonder what their plans are for migrating to Ext4


4 years ago

To me QuickPrez is taking a big risk in using HTML 5 features.. especially WebSockets.  I don’t think there’s not many browser today who supports that… I don’t even think latest Firefox beta doesn’t have it either.  Still, that site looks very impressive!


4 years ago

Could somebody please provide some information about the Extjs 4 release date?
Thank you!!


4 years ago

ExtJS4.0, I really can not wait !


4 years ago

There are Oracle eBusiness Suite Web Apps built with EXTJS 2.x, very large and complex, so why all of the whining about 4.x?


4 years ago

My car (‘69 Ford Mustang) works fine. I do not understand why my friend Frank is waiting for the Ford Mustang 2012? Somebody know? Please ...


4 years ago

Frank knows. Ask him first.


4 years ago

Lol…and everybody and my friend Frank knows why we are waiting for ExtJs4 release!


4 years ago

Man I’ve been looking for an all in one program for my new business.  It think LoopFuse might be it, I’ll definitely check it out.

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