Automating Unit Tests


One of the first questions I always hear when starting with a new client is “How can I build unit tests for my application?”

It’s obvious that many people understand the benefits of unit tests – developers want to minimize the number of bugs in their code and managers want to reduce the amount of time required to test an application before release. Although the concept of unit testing has existed for years, software teams are only now beginning to explore building tests for their Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

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Sencha Touch 2 Beta 3: Kindle Fire and Chrome Support


Today we’re releasing Sencha Touch 2 Beta 3 with expanded device and browser support. Beta 3 is expected to be the final beta release and a drop-in replacement for Beta 2. While everything is detailed in the release notes, the most notable changes in b3 are improvements in application dependency management and several performance improvements.

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HTML5 Scorecard: Amazon Kindle Fire


As part of our continuing series on the HTML5 capabilities of new mobile platforms, we’re taking the measure of the new Amazon Kindle Fire. Join us as we take a look at how the device stacks up as an HTML5 app platform.

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Apple iOS 5: HTML5 Developer Scorecard


Whenever a new device or mobile operating system comes out, we do a HTML5 Developer Scorecard, to help folks who are building mobile web apps understand how to take advantage of these new devices. Today, we look at HTML5 on Apple’s iOS 5.

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Sencha Animator Released: A Revolution in Mobile Animation


Today we’re very proud to announce the first release of Sencha Animator, a desktop application for the creation of rich media animations based on web standards for modern mobile devices. Sporting an innovative technology in a familiar working environment for designers, Sencha Animator enables interactive designers to transition their skills to open web standards.

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